About Us

about us

A unique concept of moving goods to places from global coordinates, Bilty.biz is a logistics service solutions that works 24*7 across the cities/location. Bilty eases the panic of transportation for people who need aid while shifting places. The Indian logistics industry is estimated around US$ 104 bn 2014 will be grown to US$ 160 to 200 by 2020.

A service provider in logistics like road transportation, global carriers, warehouses, insurance etc for B2B and B2C segments, Bilty is ready to lend a helping hand in every possible way that concerns verified transport logistics partners, cost saving, time delivery, tracking of the goods, transparency is terms of logistic service provide, creating outreach and generating more business for both the parties.

A platform for Consigner who is all set to move with the packed stuff but needs assistance to contact the transporter and a Consignee who is ready to assist the same with all the facilities needed. BILTY solves the purpose for both the parties by allowing to book as per their choice (as they can compare the tariffs of several transporters through the unique concept of biding) and the transporter too can get a chance to showcase their services. Enhance business opportunities, while better utilization of resources. We provide liberty for negotiation and make a hassle free task. Tracking, is one of the biggest problems faced by the packers. Once they dispatch their goods and materials, it becomes very difficult for them to track the exact location of the transporter. BILTY simplifies this by connecting directly with the transporter and keeps a constant check on the loader with the help of tracking app.

BILTY has collaborated with instant available transport service providers like Chauk Transport from mini vans to multi excel trucks, while creating a service marketplace for customers. The dream of moving from places has become hassle free with the advancement of BILTY. The movers can simply download the app in their mobile phones and by registering they can book the loader. This not only helps to save time but also daily negotiation pain could be avoided.

Growth Aspects

Bilty shall act as a mediator between the two respectively and act as a technology facilitator platform, where all can come together. The Objective is to create one stop solution for delivery market place from courier to container.

Recognizing the strong human capacity aspect of the logistics industry, Bilty is working constantly with Truck drivers, Mini truck drivers and Commercial vehicles. Bilty believes to enhance skills and professionalism, including through logistics training material. The aim is to establish a one stop solution for logistics and transportation at doorstep!

The most exciting part is the packers bid for the movers where in the mover gets the freedom to choose the best out of all suggested rates.

Mission: Our transformation sparks with our mission being the possibility of optimizer and peace. It declares our purpose as a business and serve as a standard for actions and decisions.

  • Reliable and easy bookings
  • Stress free and easy negotiations
  • Assurance of safety and intact delivery
  • Resource optimization like – time, dead load, dead kms
  • To develop a delivery eco-systems.