We leverage invasive technology to track the movements of goods in order to deliver safe and intact delivery.

Vision -: Bilty.Biz serves as a framework for roadmap ad guides to every aspect of our business. To have quality and sustainable exponential growth.

Technology -: Strive for serving humanity with best possible simplicity in experiencing or using the platform with capability of latest analytics and scalability.

People -: By becoming inspiration for internal and external people communities.


Being responsible citizen will strive to optimize the energy bills and avoidable emissions.


Nurture collaborative environment and network.


Core to the strategy and put customer first philosophy for creating solutions. Customer is our prime goal.


Being responsible business or company which make difference by uplifting and engaging driver communities and safe roads.


Optimizing up to the best possibility.


Abiding by strong integrity and moral ethics across the company for sustainable existence and growth.

Expanding goals

Our values and culture server as a lighthouse for our actions and behavior.

  • Wise Leadership: Taking people along.
  • Innovation: Nurturing of business and processes.
  • Collaboration: Creating relationships for mutual benefits
  • Passion: Committed in heart and mind
  • Growth: Meaning of life
  • Accountability: If it’s to be done, it on us
  • Empowerment: Beyond obvious
  • Integrity: Commitment Delivery
  • Quality: What we deliver, we deliver well